Consulting Services

The business incubator provides consults from the top consultants of Experts professors and trainees in biotechnology to support the small compress businesses.


Build a network between academia (several public and private universities) and the different research centers with the strategic partners of the business incubator.

Training Services

The incubator offers an integrated training program that combines the requirements of entrepreneurship, management, marketing, sales, finance, leadership, effective communication skills, risk and crisis assessment and management and how to adapt and integrate them with the biotechnology training program.


Provide theoretical and practical guides for the applicants of graduation projects (undergraduate) for the business incubator.


Provide the vision of the transition between the initiation laboratory work through semi-industrial production and ending with the complete industrial production line.


Provide interactive workshops with business men and successful leaders in diverse funding agencies.


Share the incubate experiences and skills with different teams, and providing the incubates with the opportunity to cohabitation in vital companies, factories and places working in the fields of biotechnology to gain and refine the practical skills.

Services Support

Provide advanced laboratories that are capable of host, train, educate the participants of the business incubator.


Provide working space in a clean environment within high tech laboratories and chemical’s for running any kind of experiments, workspaces, workstations, helping team and administrative services, telecommunication services such as phone, internet, and fax.


Provide help in processing the complete profile of any project and make it ready for any funding agency and possible investors.


Find real partners for the start-up companies.


Planning for vast progress for any start-up company to stand on its own.

Establishing Support

Provide the legalizations needed for the start-up companies and put the functional and structural basis it needed while supply several consulting services such as taxes, and accounting to the entrepreneurs.


Develop the commercialized business and the possible marketing opportunities to the companies.

Funding Support

Assistance in accessing bank loans, loan funds, grants and financing, and providing a wide public relations network in the field of biotechnology.

Periodic communication with startups (estimated according to the duration of the incubation and start-up company "every week – every month – quarterly").