Who we Are

This business incubator is a specialized incubator of Biotechnology in Arab Republic of Egypt. The purpose of making such an incubator is to build and construct start-ups companies depend solely on the scientific research outcomes in diverse agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology. Some of it can be using microorganisms to manufacture wide range of products used in industrial division, such as enzymes, food, feed, drugs, detergents, paper and even polymers.

Our Vision

Business incubator for biotechnology is considered a pioneer incubator in constructing, creating and developing modern start-up companies based on scientific research outputs of biotechnology techniques in Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world to serve the community and the society.

Our Mission

Business incubator for biotechnology is a unique high efficiency incubator for biotechnology techniques. The incubator connects diverse specialties and supports the start-up biotechnological companies. It provides cooperative environment for its entrepreneurs.

General Goal

Serve the national economy by domiciliation, adaptation and initialization of the biotechnological techniques

Specific Goals